I’m Jonathan Chenjeri, and I’m running for the Oregon House of Representatives in the new District 56. I’m a teacher, union member, organizer, and proud resident of Klamath Falls. This campaign is about reclaiming rural Oregon and rural America, and together defining a New Deal for our region.

Our campaign is about knocking on every door, canvassing every street corner, and mobilizing Oregonians around a progressive agenda that shapes the sustainable and inclusive future we all need and want for our incredible region.

In the 21st century, we need principled policies that are grounded in love; that are child-centered, worker-oriented; that move us toward sustainability, and enable us all to reach our full potential.

This campaign aims to build a “Rural New Deal.” A New Deal that takes seriously our natural resources and climate change; the effects of income inequality, poverty, and seeks to end homelessness. A New Deal that addresses the need for strong labor unions in rural Oregon, emphasizing equity across race, gender, ability, and class. This is a campaign that seeks to rethink and reimagine what economic development in our area means; that encourages real conversations about our strengths, needs and our future ‘over the hill.’

Endorsed by Planned Parenthood of Oregon!

Check our “Conversations in D56” video blog here!