Invitation to my Republican friends


I’m Jonathan Chenjeri, and I’m running for the Oregon House of Representatives in the new District 56. I’m a teacher, union member, and proud resident of Klamath Falls. I’m running as a Democrat and am running to organize a campaign that builds for 2022, 2024 and beyond. Our campaign is about building a New Deal for Rural Oregon.

I’d like to reach out to my Republican and libertarian leading friends to have a discussion on what future we want for our community and the next generation of Oregonians. A dialogue of vigorous discussion and debate is what makes a healthy democracy, I think we can do this better.

I suspect we will have much in common and areas of disagreement. I am convinced that much of the current GOP leadership has hurt our areas through a kind of “smoke and mirrors,” dividing people using cultural wars, misusing faith, and the deliberate spread of misinformation. I think our current district leadership has been irresponsible and has not used their taxpayer-funded position in our best interest. I am convinced that this campaign puts us on a better trajectory for a sustainable future.

Let’s have a discussion! Live on social media, in person, in print, over the phone.

I’m ready to help build the best possible rural Oregon for all with you.

Thank you,

Jonathan Chenjeri

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