Inflation isn’t the problem

I’m Jonathan Chenjeri and I’m running for OR House District 56.  Concern over inflation and pandemic spending in Oregon, or Build Back Better, is misguided. Opposing childcare support, rent stability, and climate change mitigation reflect outdated ‘scarcity’ fears, and obscure the real issue: the misuse of our national wealth. We should pay for these bills … Continue reading Inflation isn’t the problem

Why I Am a Socialist

I’m Jonathan Chenjeri and I’m running for the Oregon House of Representatives. I proudly consider myself a part of the American socialist tradition. I will discuss below what this means, how it shapes my policy perspective, and why it is relevant for rural politics and enables us to think about the changes necessary to resolve … Continue reading Why I Am a Socialist

How ‘Build Back Better’ Can Help Rural Oregon

I’m Jonathan Chenjeri and I’m running for House District 56.  I want to write today on why rural areas need the kind of spending in the Build Back Better and Infrastructure bills. While the price tag is significant, focus here overlooks how the money goes directly to the middle-class and working people, newborns, youth and … Continue reading How ‘Build Back Better’ Can Help Rural Oregon

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